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Shadow Throne

Shadow Throne

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Talons of the Emperor

  • 1x Blade Champion
  • 3x Allarus Custodians, one of which can be built as a Shield-Captain, and one as a Vexilus Praetor
  • 5x Witchseekers, which can be built as Vigitalors or Prosecutors

Genestealer Cults

  • 1x Reductus Saboteur with explosive device
  • 1x Genestealer Patriarch
  • 1x Magus
  • 1x Primus
  • 2x Familiars
  • 10x Neophyte Hybrids

A 32-page Shadow Throne campaign book

The above units are supplied with 1x 50mm Citadel round base, 3x 40mm round bases, 10x 32mm round bases, and 13x 25mm round bases.

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