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Primaris Crusader Squad

Primaris Crusader Squad

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The six Primaris Initiates can be built with both helmeted and unhelmeted heads. Two Initiates can be built with an auto bolt rifle or heavy bolt pistol and Astartes chainsword. A third can be built with an auto bolt rifle, a pyreblaster, or a heavy bolt pistol and an Astartes chainsword, which can be replaced with a power fist.

One Initiate can be built as a Sword Brother, with choice of helmeted and unhelmeted heads. The Sword Brother can be built with a power sword or power axe, and a heavy bolt pistol or pyre pistol.

The Neophytes have four unhelmeted head options and can be equipped with bolt carbines or bolt pistols and Astartes chainswords.

The kit is comprised of 228 plastic components containing six Primaris Initiates and four Neophytes. Alternatively one Primaris Initiate can be built as a Sword Brother.

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