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Phantom Dragon Aeon Booster Box

Phantom Dragon Aeon Booster Box

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  • A new force has formed within the Shadow Paladin army, the Dragwizards! The long awaited return of Luard and many others units from the G era. Phantom Blaster Dragon evolves into is "Overlord" form to fight the threats looming over his forces.
  • The new star on the football field Rising Nova charges in with Spike Brothers. Megacolony Evil Governor Darkface Gredora brings a new mechanic to play with. Gaia Emperor roars her command over the hoard of Tachikaze to fend off those that try to claim their territory. SP Clan Packs are back due to popular demand! Featuring a special treatment rarity known as "ASR - Another Secret Rare"!
  • "Phantom Blaster Overlord" will be randomly included with this special treatment and its original art!! Keep a lookout for more details to be revealed! Introducing brand new tactics for these 3 clans! The way Tachikaze uses equip gauge evolves! Spike Brothers makes full use of all your Force markers! Brand new marker for Megacolony with brand new tactics!
  • 7 random cards per pack , 16 packs per booster box
  • Release Date: October 30, 2020
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