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Gallantmon Starter Deck

Gallantmon Starter Deck

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  • 54-card preconstructed deck
  • 2 memory gauges
  • 6 SR Bonus Cards

Starter Deck List:

Card No. Card Type Rarity Pieces Name
ST7-01 Digi-Egg U 4 Gigimon
BT1-009 Digimon C 4 Monodramon
ST7-02 Digimon C 4 Agumon
ST7-03 Digimon SR 2 Guilmon
ST7-04 Digimon C 4 Biyomon
ST7-05 Digimon R 2 Growlmon
ST7-06 Digimon U 4 GeoGreymon
BT1-019 Digimon C 4 DarkTyrannomon
BT1-020 Digimon U 2 Groundramon
ST7-07 Digimon U 4 RizeGreymon
ST7-08 Digimon R 4 WarGrowlmon
ST-09 Digimon SR 2 Gallantmon
ST7-10 Digimon R 4 ShineGreymon
ST7-11 Option U 2 Lightning Joust
ST7-12 Option C 4 Atomic Blaster
ST1-16 Option U 4 Gaia Force
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