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Black Templars: Upgrade Sprue

Black Templars: Upgrade Sprue

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This upgrade sprue contains

Shoulder Pads

  • 12x Mk X Tacticus Armour shoulder pads (including 2x for use with Sword Brethren/unit leaders)
  • 6x Mk X Gravis Armour shoulder pads
  • 1x Mk VI power armour shoulder pad

Vehicle Upgrades

  • 1x multi-melta for Black Templars vehicles
  • 6x components for decorating vehicles, including 5x Black Templar Icons and 1x relic sword/chassis decoration weapon.


  • The Aurillian Shroud
  • Skull of the Cacodominus
  • Sword of Judgement
  • Witchseeker Bolts
  • Ancient Breviary
  • The Crusader's Helm


  • 4x Initiate Heads
  • 1x Marshal's head, with circlet/coronet
  • 4x Neophyte heads

Neophyte Weapons and Options

  • 4x Neophyte arms with combat shotguns
  • 3x alternate arm options (one holding a bolt carbine, one holding a grenade, and one carrying an Initiate's helmet)

Extra Options, Accessories, and Decorations

  • 1x arm option with a choice of two hands, each holding different reliquaries
  • 1x Astartes chainsword in scabbard
  • 1x Black Templars backpack with a recess along its top edge for use with accessories or Relics
  • 3x purity seals
  • 3x larger honorific ribbons
  • 1x sanctified grenade
  • 1x ribbon
  • 2x lanterns
  • 2x relic bones
  • 2x burning candle stacks

Transfer Sheet

Includes a Black Templars transfer sheet that includes 240 transfers.

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