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Awakening of Chakrabarthi - Booster Box

Awakening of Chakrabarthi - Booster Box

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Product Description

Featuring units for each Nation's main archetype that appear in the climax scenes in season 2 of the CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress anime!

Contains cards for each deck archetype including the ones introduced in D-BT03: Advance of Intertwined Stars and D-SD06: Mirei Minae - Sealed Blaze Maiden

Set Information

  • 120 new cards (RRR: 15 / RR: 15 / R: 30 / C: 60)
  • 107 types of Parallels planned (DSR: 2 / SSR: 5 / SP: 50 / H: 50)
  • 2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!

Box Contents

  • Each box contains 16 packs from the set
  • Each Pack contains 7 cards
  • Each box contains at least 1 card of SP rarity

This Product is a Preorder and will be available on February 11th 2022

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