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GameGenic Games' Lair Deck Box - Blue (Holds 600)

GameGenic Games' Lair Deck Box - Blue (Holds 600)

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Product Details

The Games’ Lair 600+ can hold a vast variety of games, gaming accessories, miniatures, and card-related games.The Games‘ Lair 600+ can hold 600 double-sleeved* or 800 single-sleeved* cards in the main compartment. If card storage is not the purpose, the acrylic divider can be removed to store any kind of deck boxes, games, or accessories. It contains a total of 4 drawers: 2 removable drawers with magnetic flaps that guarantee effortless pulling-out and easy access to sleeved cards, plus 2 additional extra-large trays for even more tokens, dice, accessories, etc. The top-level compartment of the Games’ Lair 600+ can be used for life pads, oversized cards, traditional writing pads, to store pen-and-paper accessories, and many other different needs.

• Premium multifunctional box for a vast variety of games, gaming accessories, miniatures and card-related games
• Optimized to perfectly hold up to 600 double-sleeved or 800 board-game-sleeved cards
• Shiftable and removable acrylic divider releasing space for your game components and deck boxes if product is not used for cards
• The completely removable cover converts easily into a DICE TRAY
• Perfect for games with a lot of cards like Arkham Horror LCG, Marvel Champions, Pokémon, KeyForge, Flesh and Blood or Magic: The Gathering
• 4 horizontally stored drawers
• Very compact. Fits in most regular backpacks to take your different games with you on the go
• Extra-large top-level compartment for additional life pads, oversized cards and a true companion during gameplay
  • SKU:GGS20087ML
  • Color:Blue
  • Single-Sleeved Capacity:800
  • Double-Sleeved Capacity:600
  • Manufacturer:GameGenic
  • Material:Nexofyber
  • Additional Details:
  • Product Category:Cards' Lair Deck Box
  • Closure Type:Magnetic
  • Product Size:Standard
  • Dimensions:265 x 104 x 238 mm
  • GTIN:4251715410417
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